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  • Our Fuego Curves Corset is the hottest, and latest trend. If you want to minimize and accentuate your waist but don’t like wearing a waist trainer underneath your clothes, then this corset is perfect for you.

    Fashionable, stylish, and sexy statement piece.

    Pair with any dress, or outfit for a high fashion look.

    • High Quality
    • Material: PU Leather
    • Color: Black
    • One size fits most- S | M | L | XL 
    • Closure: Laces Up (Back)
    • 100% satisfaction money back guarante
    •  Free shipping on all U.S orders and half price international shipping


  • These are the cutest pantyhose you’ll ever put on!

    Super comfy, trendy, and stylish.

    Premium, high quality stockings.

    One size fits most, S,M,L,XL

    Free Shipping! 🙂

    Hand wash in warm water and hang to dry.

  • What’s going into your head?

    #FuegoSoulTribe is an extension of Fuego Curves, created with a specific mission of expanding consciousness, awareness, and empowering others to accept, and love themselves.

    Yes, how you look, dress and carry yourself is a representation of who you are, and is very important but even more important is the way you feel about yourself, the thoughts you tell yourself, and having a positive mental attitude.

    Think of your mind as a garden. You can grow weeds or you can grow flowers.

    Ultimately, you have the power to decide what seeds (thoughts) you want to plant, nourish, and grow.

    For example… You can think to yourself,  “I hate my body.” and nurture and grow that thought, day after day, until you believe it, or you can think to yourself,  “I am beautiful just the way I am.” and nurture, and grow that one instead.

    Either way, whatever you tell yourself over, and over again, you will believe as your truth.

    This is why it is so important to monitor what thoughts are going into your head, and choose which ones you accept as your truth.

    We’ve created this wristband as a powerful, subconscious reminder to monitor your thoughts, and not allow negative thoughts into your mind.

    Here is how it works:

    1. Wear this wristband everyday.
    2. When you have a negative thought about yourself or another,  acknowledge the thought, step away from it and disown it as true.
    3. Replace the negative thought with a more positive one.

    By following these 3 steps, you will reprogram your mind.

    You will unleash the power within, and you will learn to be more present, and aware.

    Change what you’ve told yourself. Change your story. Change your thoughts. Change your life!

    Join the movement!

    Follow us on IG @FuegoSoulTribe

Showing all 3 results

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